Rez Burgers now offers online ordering

Rez Burgers now offers online ordering

2 thoughts on “Rez Burgers now offers online ordering

  1. Interesting. I’ve never been to Rez Burger before and I walked in to get a couple of burgers to go. I was told it would be an hour wait to get the 2 burgers because of so many orders in front of me.

    Maybe call in orders because there were very few people in the restaurant?

    Anyway I was not waiting an hour for 2 burgers to go so Sonic made 2 burgers for me in less than 5 minutes and they were very good.

    It’s good your McKinney location is doing so good that they can essentially turn away new customers. But I am glad the worker at the counter was honest so I didn’t order and wait that long.

    I talked about going there with some friends before I went and they had never been and wanted feedback. Needless to say the feedback will not be glowing.

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